WIT Hospitality’s Clubhouse Experience Evaluation utilizes benchmarks derived from industry experience, anonymous on-site visits, and criteria developed in collaboration with our partner clubs. This evaluation provides a through understanding of the member experience that can only be gained through first-hand observations in our Mystery MembersTM process.



Your customized program yields results based on established guidelines, proven methodologies, and membership expertise.



Happy members translate to higher revenue. Adapting to the ever-changing needs of your members and guests helps ensure satisfaction, engagement, and frequent usage.

We work with clubs as their advisors, providing a comprehensive understanding of what is happening inside the club. WIT combines secret shopping with the skills and knowledge of experienced membership and marketing professionals.

WIT Hospitality’s fees pay for themselves, as we identify ways to:

  • Identify gaps in staff training needs
  • Prevent needless attrition
  • Increase new members acquisitions
  • Improve current member usage, resulting in increased revenue